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About St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Our expectations are limitless! We believe that all pupils can achieve excellence and that a quality primary education provides the platform for lifelong learning and success.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is a diverse and thriving Catholic community and is committed to being a fully inclusive school. By choosing St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, it is considered that parents have agreed to their children having full participation in every aspect of the curriculum. This includes Religious Education, Physical Education, Music lessons, Computer Science and attending all school trips including visits to places of worship and our parish church.

We work with other educational partners to ensure our high expectations, innovative curriculum and distinct approach to learning are making a real difference.  St Mary’s is a rapidly improving, outward-facing school which is beneficial for both school communities. We are steadfast in our belief that our pupils come first; we endeavour to ensure that all pupils at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School are happy and safe.  We consider that the pupils of St Mary’s are our future leaders. Therefore, we actively promote academia, independence, confidence and collaboration.

We are working closely with other schools by strengthening leadership and securing best practice in primary education through curriculum design and establishing teaching and learning expectations.

We are always happy to share ideas, resources and thinking.  We know that “giving away our best ideas” helps ensure we develop new ones! 

To arrange a visit or discussion, please contact the school on 020 7624 1830 or email