Behaviour Policy

A major aim of the school behaviour policy is to encourage children to practice good behaviour by operating a system of praise and reward. This is for all children.

Most children respond to this positive approach where their efforts are seen to be valued and make considerable efforts to improve their work and, where necessary, their behaviour. Children need to discover where the bounds of acceptable behaviour lie, as this is part of growing up. The main aims of our behaviour policy are as follows:

  • To develop a whole school behaviour policy supported and followed by the whole school, community, parents, teachers, children and governors, based on a sense of community and shared Christian values.
  • To apply positive policies to create a caring, family atmosphere in which teaching and learning can take place in a safe and happy environment.
  • To teach, through the school curriculum, values and attitudes as well as knowledge and skills. (This will promote responsible behaviour, encourage self-discipline and encourage, in the children, a respect for themselves, for other people and for property).
  • To encourage good behaviour, rather than to simply punish bad behaviour, by providing a range of rewards for children of all ages and abilities.
  • To make clear to children the distinction between minor and more serious misbehaviour and the range of sanctions that will follow.
  • To treat problems when they occur in a caring and sympathetic manner in the hope of achieving an improvement in behaviour.
  • To make boundaries of acceptable behaviour clear and ensure safety.

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