Attendance and Punctuality

Our experience has shown us that children who come to school every day, and who come on time, do better than those children who are absent, and those who are often late.

The first few minutes of the day are an important time. We say prayers and take the register, and begin to explain the day’s learning. When a child is late not only does he/she miss out on this important time, but children who are late often arrive upset and take some time to settle. A late child disrupts the whole class. Children do not like to be late. Being late gives them a feeling of “not belonging”, and children like to belong.

Please help your child get to school on time.

If a child is absent due to sickness we expect a telephone call before 8.30am on the day of absence and an absence letter on the day of return.

If a child is absent without a satisfactory reason, or no reason, this is recorded as an unauthorised absence. We are obliged to make enquires in such cases.

Brent Council’s Education Welfare Officer will peruse persistent absentees and latecomers and these may result in court appearances and subsequent fines.

Hospital, Doctor and Dental appointments require a copy of the appointment card or letter from the medical department concerned. Absences of 5 days or longer require a letter from the GP or hospital.

Holidays during term time are not authorised and will result in the child being removed from the school roll. Holidays lists are published annually and parents must adhere to these dates.