Our school has entered into the ‘New Mathletics Launch Challenge’ which runs from Monday 3 July to Friday 16 July. This is a UK and Europe maths challenge focused on students mastering curriculum activities and practicing their mental maths skills.

Prizes are awarded for the top 3 performing schools. Help our school make the Hall of Fame!. 

Students earn ten points for each correct answer within curriculum activities, twenty points for each correct answer in a topic test and one point for each correct answer in Mathletics Live. They can each earn a maximum of 300 points from curriculum activities per week or 600 from topic tests.

There is also a free mathletics app that students can use to access mathletics from anywhere. All of their activities are recorded and will be synced with their main mathletics account. The app is available for iPad and Android tablets at: uk.mathletics.com/studentapp