Medical Matters

We work closely with the schools’ medical service to ensure that routine checks of children’s health are carried out.

If a child has any medical problem which might affect them in school, then parents are strongly urged to make this known to the headteacher or other staff of the school. It must be declared when a place is applied for.

Medicines in School

If a child needs to take medicine during the school day then parents are welcome to come into the school to administer it to their child. Depending on the type of medicine (ie: asthma inhaler), and if the child has a treatment plan from a GP,  a member of the Welfare staff will supervise while the child takes their medicine. Teaching staff are not permitted to administer medicine to children routinely but we do have staff allocated to administer medications should they be needed during the school day. For any medicine to be issued by school staff, we must have agreed to a direct request, in writing, from the parent.

Illness or accident

We try to deal with minor events in school. In the event of an accident or illness, we will try to contact the parents or carers so that the child may be sent home. However if there is a serious accident, we will take the appropriate action (ie: call an ambulance) to best deal with the situation. Parents who would not wish school staff to assume such responsibility, must inform us in writing.