Home Learning

Home Learning supports, reinforces, repeats and extends school learning and is a very important and valuable part of a child’s learning.


Our aims and objectives are:

· To develop the skills of independent learners

· To support pupils in their academic and social development, make maximum progress and raise their level of attainment

· To reinforce, consolidate and enable practice of school learning

· To establish an excellent link between home and school

Home learning is an integral part of a child’s learning and is planned as part of the curriculum. The nature of home learning differs throughout a child’s formal education. Home learning varies from taking a story book home in Nursery to several subjects throughout the school week in Year 6.

In line with the 1998 guidelines, the amount of time allocated for home learning at KS 1 is approximately one hour per week. Pupils in Years 3 and 4 can expect approximately twenty minutes per night, and Years 5 and 6 approximately thirty minutes per night.

It is important that parents know that teachers will keep a record of returned Home Learning to ensure every child is completing the various tasks set. Parents of children identified as not returning Home Learning may be contacted to ascertain the reasons why. Home Learning will also be marked and returned. Teachers’ comments and feedback on returned Home Learning is a valuable tool to the child and parent.

At St. Mary’s we believe that it is very important that free time and play are given importance as well. Home Learning is an essential part of education, as is play. And out-of-school activities such as sport and music. They are all vital for a child’s development and should be encouraged.