Code of Conduct

The fundamental point that we should all remember is that this is our school, it is a Christian community. We should act with consideration towards others and we should bear in mind that the rules are there to make things easier for all of us.


Good manners and courtesy are essential at all times:

  • Respect your teachers
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Reply politely when spoken to
  • Always address your teachers appropriately

You are in class to learn:

  • Arrive on time
  • Listen carefully and follow instructions
  • Start and end lessons in an orderly way
  • Work to the very best of your ability

Between lessons is important:

  • Do not block stairs
  • Move quietly and gently about the school
  • Do not shout

The whole school environment is ours:

  • Do not drop litter in or outside the school
  • Never tolerate graffiti
  • Take pride in displays of your own work
  • Eat in a sociable manner in designated areas
  • No chewing gum

You are part of a community:

  • Take pride in your school uniform
  • Respect other pupils in the playground
  • Do not bully
  • Physical and verbal fighting is always a serious offence
  • Care and discipline

At St Mary’s Catholic Primary School ‘Every Child Matters’. Pupils are seen as individuals and their care and well being is the responsibility of all staff.

We have a simple but effective ‘Code of Conduct’ which underpins the very high standard of behaviour and discipline demanded both in school and on the journey to and from school.