Our Faith Is Unique

In Catholic schools, as in any school, Religious Education is taught as an academic subject. However, the whole life of a Catholic School has to be an expression in practice of Catholic belief and Catholic tradition. As they grow, the children are encouraged to put their faith into practice in their own lives.
In class, the children help to prepare and participate in masses and assemblies. Not only in the teaching, but also in the daily practice of the faith, our children are helped by the personal example of the staff.


However great the opportunities given and examples set, they will have little lasting value without the support and encouragement of parents. We try hard in school, but we can only do that with your support and with what you do at home. In handing on the faith, parents are the first and best teachers. By working together for the children, parents and teachers make this school a place which we can truly say

Our Faith is Unique

Home/School/Parish Partnership

We believe that the school alone cannot undertake a child’s religious education. Religious Education begins at home at Baptism; the parents are the child’s first teachers and support the child with his/her first religious experiences. The school works in partnership with parents and parish to enrich the lives of our children.
We distribute Religious Education newsletters each term to inform parents about the forthcoming topics and notify parents of Masses and liturgies both in the school and the Parish.
St. Mary’s regularly supports Parish events and fundraising e.g. CAFOD, Catholic Children’s Society and Advent appeals, Lenten appeals.
Our School attends the local parish Church on Holy days of Obligation and feast days, preparing and leading the mass for other parishioners.


Liturgy and Collective Worship

Our Catholic faith is central to day to day life of our school and all aspects of the curriculum, and pupils are encouraged to recognise the importance of their faith and they respond to all forms of liturgy and collective worship with respect and reverence.
We have a rich liturgical life in that the experiences we provide are wide ranging and take place in school, out of school, in Church and the wider community, and engage and involve pupils, parents, staff, governors and the parish.
The Celebration of the Eucharist and prayer are central in our school.
Our Parish Priest regularly celebrates Mass in School. Children attend Mass each half term to celebrate a week day mass with parishioners. In addition, we celebrate School Masses at the beginning and end of term and on other significant occasions.
Our Parish Priest makes weekly visits to classes which further enhances children’s knowledge, skills and helps them to develop a deeper understanding of their faith.

Mission Statement

At St Mary’s Catholic Primary School we strive to create a stimulating environment so that by learning, playing and working together, we openly follow Christ’s teachings. We seek to offer every person the opportunity to be a unique and valued individual, sharing and developing belief in the teachings of Jesus through everyday relationships and mutual respect in our dealings with one another.

In order to achieve our mission:

  • We aim to create a welcoming, secure and caring environment in which all can happily work;
  • We aim to offer each child a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum of the highest standard to meet their spiritual, emotional, moral, intellectual and physical needs and to prepare them for the responsibilities of adult life;
  • We aim to develop a spirit of care, generosity, forgiveness and equal opportunity within our multicultural community through prayer and living our faith.
  • We aim to be a worshiping community by celebrating meaningful and appropriate liturgy and ensuring that prayer life is nourished, guided and developed.